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The Four Corners Of The World

7 Responses to “The Four Corners Of The World”

  1. jpla Says:

    Avec un joli bokeh : c’est bien réalisé

  2. Rose Says:

    Interesting…love how sharp the 4-corners are and the blurred background.

  3. Ginnie Hart Says:

    And all held together by a nail/screw, Michael!

  4. Elaine K Says:

    very pretty picture, Michael… all the four corners are different too!

  5. Astrid Says:

    This is a very clever picture, Michael and even a more clever title.
    Also yesterdays picture is a beauty as well.

  6. Remus Says:

    Therefore, some corners are more colorful than others. But so is the world.

  7. lisl Says:

    A nice variation on your wire when you treat it is a similar way, Michael

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