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10 Responses to “Alterations”

  1. By Marie Says:

    I like texture and color of the old wood

  2. jpla Says:

    prise peu commune

  3. ....peter:) Says:

    this is a wonderful find Michael… it’s hard to find a tailor today….peter:)

  4. Rose Swalls Says:

    I love the old wood, and of course the old sign interests me since I like to sew. I would love to know how old the sign is…and

  5. Ayush Says:

    i sure hope there are more of such services, to repair, alter and re-use stuff that is otherwise still okay and i can imagine this tailor has built up vast experience. there is probably nothing that they cannot stitch up!

  6. Ginnie Hart Says:

    You find the most most interesting things to capture, Michael!!!

  7. Astrid Says:

    These are the thing that would catch my eye too. Great shot, Michael and I hope he/she got some jobs to do.
    We have some tailors in the city who are quite busy.

  8. lisl Says:

    How good you are at finding these photographic left-overs, Michael

  9. Bill Says:

    It pays to advertise!

  10. sherri Says:

    i wouldn’t think they would need to advertise : – )

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