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Sunday Stones

7 Responses to “Sunday Stones”

  1. By Marie Says:

    Lovely composition between light and shadow

  2. Elaine K Says:

    I love those little stone piles! I don’t know what they are called tho… beautiful picture!

  3. Ayush Says:

    excellent shot and a tranquil spot, Michael

  4. jpla Says:

    Une superbe composition dans une belle lumière

  5. lisl Says:

    These look precarious, yet they seem to stand up well

  6. Ginnie Hart Says:

    I love seeing stone “shrines” like these, Michael, but have yet to make one myself. Maybe one day!

    [As regards my URL link, I’m not sure what the problem is but someone else has said the same. If you take the link……and then Google it, you may be able to clink on it there, without issue. See if you can try that.]

  7. sherri Says:

    i love this

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