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6 Responses to “Caution”

  1. jpla Says:


  2. By Marie Says:

    The passer-by will have been warned and will not be able to ignore the dangers of the area. Beautiful autumn background

  3. Elaine K Says:

    ooh, that sounds unpleasant! that’s what we get for having open borders i guess haha jk

  4. lisl Says:

    I hope you kept well clear, Michael. From my experience in the garden, one can get covered in ants very quickly – but not this sort, I hasten to add

  5. sherri Says:

    we have fire ants in arkansas and the rest of the southern states. they have killed people; particularly young children and yet no warning signs have ever been posted.

    intriguing shot

  6. laurence Says:

    “Un homme averti en vaut 2” dit-on ici.

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