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6 Responses to “Moist”

  1. By Marie Says:

    A photo that makes me hungry, I love seafood
    I do not like RSS feeds that I never think about consulting. Could not you add on your site a small corner where we can subscribe? thank you in advance

  2. ....peter:) Says:

    good B&W image of the shells on the sand Michael….peter:)

  3. Ayush Basu Says:

    lovely close up and i like the details of the shell popping up.

  4. sherri Says:

    two little ones lying next to one another ?

    am i seeing this correctly ?

    very unique image

  5. Ginnie Says:

    At first I thought this was a mushroom, Michael! 🙂

  6. Elaine K Says:

    is that a couple of happy clams marrying their fortunes together?

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