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Hammered On But Not Defeated

10 Responses to “Hammered On But Not Defeated”

  1. By Marie Says:

    Superb poppie and colors

  2. Maria-Lina Says:

    Malgré la pesanteur des gouttes de pluie, elle est superbe! Magnifique photo! Bise, bon dimanche dans la joie!

  3. Martine Says:

    Superbe fleurs avec ces gouttes d’eau.

  4. lisl Says:

    It always amazes me how quite delicate flowers can stand up to the rain, Michael

  5. jpla Says:

    Superbe prise

  6. Astrid Says:

    You have such great flowers in your garden. What a joy that must be to capture them in different times of the day.

  7. Ginnie Says:

    WOWSER, Michael. That’s gorgeous.

  8. Elaine K Says:

    such is life, it seems… the little flower will be stronger after the rain… pretty picture…

  9. sherri Says:

    probably to refreshed to be beat : – )

  10. Ayush Basu Says:

    excellent shot, Michael. beautiful subject after its recent struggle

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