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Flood Season


8 Responses to “Flood Season”

  1. Chantal Says:

    perfect B&W subject

  2. la griffe du loup Says:

    magnifique pont de la rivière kwaï

  3. Will Williams Says:

    I’ve never seen dust work or compliment and a scene so well. Tres bien!!! I normally spend hours photoshopping it out, I might try leaving it next time.

  4. Nokomis Says:

    Superbe traitement? On s’y croirait !
    Bonne journée

  5. any. Says:

    Il a du vécu celui-là !!
    Top le traitement !

  6. l'angevine Says:

    j’aime bien ce traitement car le rendu semble être une ancienne photo

  7. duke Says:

    Beautiful black and white, well treated !

  8. CrashRyan Says:

    i like the old timey feel … i half expect an old steam locomotive to come over it!

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