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A Little Melt Began

7 Responses to “A Little Melt Began”

  1. By Marie Says:

    Just superb capture of this stalactite

  2. Maria-Lina Says:

    Oh wow, quelle belle prise Michaƫl, superbe! Bise, bon lundi tout en douceur!

  3. Emily Says:

    This will soon be melting away!

  4. ....peter Says:

    the drop did the trick Michael….peter:)

  5. sherri Says:

    wow, what a capture !

    not just one, two in one


  6. lisl Says:

    Brilliant, Michael – how did you catch that?! We are in a deep freeze at the moment, unusual for us, and no sign of a thaw

  7. Martine Says:

    Magnifique photo avec cette gouttelette qui scintille comme un diamant.

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