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10 Responses to “Running”

  1. jpla Says:

    Une photo plutôt insolite

  2. Anne Says:

    Belle action!

  3. ALEZANDRO Says:

    Excellente photo! Tout est dans le détail!

  4. ....peter:) Says:

    great action shot Michael… she seems to have it all under control… love the rope in her teeth to free up her hands….peter:)

  5. Emily Says:

    How exciting! What a great action shot!

  6. lisl Says:

    This is seriously good, Michael

  7. Ginnie Says:

    With the rope in her mouth and her hands free, Michael, I’m quite sure she’s ready to make a catch?! Great shot!

  8. Elaine- Says:

    she appears to have a much greater sense of urgency than the horse 🙂

  9. buntagphoto Says:

    The horse is rather sanguine.

  10. duke Says:

    Une très bonne photo, bravo !

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