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Barbed Wire

6 Responses to “Barbed Wire”

  1. Rol-T Says:

    cool photo shot!
    Nice day to you.

  2. Maria-Lina Says:

    Superbe, quelle belle photo avec le background flou, c’est merveilleux! Bisou et bon jeudi tout en douceur!

  3. ....peter:) Says:

    there is a lot of stories to be told in this image Michael… superb composition….peter:)

  4. Ginnie Says:

    Ahhh, but the snow softens it! How wonderful to think of it like that.

  5. lisl Says:

    No barbed comment, Michael! Very sharp

  6. Elaine- Says:

    i absolutely LOVE the focus in this picture, and it’s sooo lovely in black and white, almost like time travel 🙂

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