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At The Heart Of The Matter


9 Responses to “At The Heart Of The Matter”

  1. Anne Says:


  2. Maria-Lina Says:

    Bonjour Michaël, qu’il est beau ce coeur de fleur, ta photo est superbe! Bise et bonne journée toute douce!

  3. Roland-T Says:

    Bella, good shot!

  4. Emily Says:

    So lovely … try to get as many photos as you can, only about a month until it starts getting cool again

  5. ....peter:) Says:

    it’s a beautiful flower Michael… i can almost see its heart beating….peter:)

  6. Martine Says:

    Quelle jolie fleur ! Belle photo.

  7. Claudine/canelle Says:

    Au plus profond de la Belle !

  8. Ginnie Says:

    As I often say, “” it’s another world in there.”

  9. Richard Standley Says:

    What a wonderful flower Michael! Great capture.

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