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It Begins Anew


After messing up my blog database somehow, I am beginning afresh. I will go back and add the old posts but for now this is it. It will take some time to get the kinks out.

11 Responses to “It Begins Anew”

  1. Nicou Says:

    Merveilleux cadrage sur cette montagne quel rendu NB superbe captage.

  2. duke Says:

    Magnifique paysage parfaitement mis en scène !

  3. Ana Lúcia Says:

    Spectacular geological formation.

  4. Ruthie Says:

    Sorry to hear about your blog. I like today’s snowy scene. WHat stikes me is the angles of the land.

  5. rian Says:

    well, it seems you’ve got rss now, so i could follow your more recent posts.. ;D

  6. Daryl Says:

    Very powerful – great contrast, like the varying tones in the striations.

  7. Focales Says:

    I love this framing and monochrome

  8. Jack Larson Says:

    so majestic!!

  9. Richard STANDLEY Says:

    A superb POV. I really like the tones!

  10. Ayush Says:

    great shot of this majestic landscape. well done in b/w

  11. rian Says:

    now that’s one awesome shot! well done! 🙂

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