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13 Responses to “Wheels”

  1. jpla. Says:


  2. Gil Zetbase Says:

    Tres originale photo!
    Bon week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. Maria-Lina Says:

    Wow elle n’est pas jeune cette roue, toute belle! Bise et bon dimanche tout doux!

  4. omar Says:

    wow, sucks me in

  5. Elaine- Says:

    reminds me of that stampeder’s song… wheels, baby witha you i got wheels, emancipation down to my heels, you can’t imagine just how it feels

  6. Emily Says:

    Excellent, very abstract. Macro lens?

  7. Martine Says:

    C’est original.

  8. Richard Standley Says:

    Wonderful with the repetition! I love the texture.

  9. photodilettante Says:

    like a flower.. wonderful, marvellous, splendid,

  10. lisl Says:

    Fine detail, we don’t need to see more, Michael

  11. Ginnie Says:

    You are a master at cropping your images, Michael, in or out of camera!

  12. Claudine /canelle Says:

    Très belle photo !

  13. jean pierre a Says:

    joli rendu!! amitiés

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