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Riske Creek Rodeo (Kodachrome) 1979

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

6 Responses to “Riske Creek Rodeo (Kodachrome) 1979”

  1. Maria-Lina Says:

    Wow, en plein action, c’est superbe! Bise et bon mardi dans la joie!

  2. ....peter:) Says:

    what a perfect action shot with great depth of field Michael… i like it that they don’t use a bit in the bronco’s mouth… this is a well scanned image….peter:)

  3. Focales Says:

    Nice old kodachrome. A fantastic action shot

  4. Ginnie Says:

    1979??!! WOW. You haven’t lost your touch, Michael.

  5. Richard Standley Says:

    Fabulous action shot Michael! Kodachrome was definiteley the best slides film.

  6. Elaine- Says:

    awesome!!!! sometimes i long for the old film days, but then again, no

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