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Wrapped Power


8 Responses to “Wrapped Power”

  1. Maria-Lina Says:

    Bonjour Michaël, bien vu, c’est impressionnant! Bise et bonne journée paisible et sereine!

  2. ....peter:) Says:

    That’s one of the old lines Michael… good framing i love the details….peter:)

  3. Elaine- Says:

    my dad used to collect those glass ‘transformers’ or whatever they are… this shot reminds me 🙂

  4. Ginnie Says:

    It’s gonna be hard for “birds on a wire” to unravel that, Michael! 🙂

  5. jpla. Says:

    je n’y mettrais pas mes doigts

  6. photodilettante Says:

    à trop avoir le nez en l’air, on marche sur une crotte de chien.. ( traduction so difficult )

  7. Richard Standley Says:

    A beautiful minimalist subject Michael!

  8. oldshutterhand Says:

    Looks ancient but is still working I guess.

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