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10 Responses to “Privato”

  1. Maria-lina Says:

    Hummm, Privato ma talmente invitando, farei bene un piccolo giro! La tua foto è splendida! Bacio e buono lunedì nella gioia!

  2. Natallia Jolliet Says:

    Lovely composition! Well done!
    Have a great day!
    Natallia Jolliet

  3. ....peter:) Says:

    This is a great composition Michael… these people may have a very large private vintage… but to me the oak barrels are much too new to age it properly….peter:)

    it’s nice to be back online:)

  4. Focales Says:

    What beautiful light and composition. Bravo Michael.

  5. lisl Says:

    This really shines, Michael

  6. Elaine- Says:

    niiiiiice shot, i love wine barrels, kind of a romantic french part of me i guess 🙂

  7. jpla. Says:

    A ta santé

  8. Richard Standley Says:

    To your good health Michael! Great composition indeed.

  9. Ayush Says:

    excellent composition

  10. duke Says:

    je veux bien un petit coup…
    Très belle lumière !

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