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Garden Gnome Emerging


7 Responses to “Garden Gnome Emerging”

  1. ...peter:) Says:

    you might have an early spring after all Michael… i like the simplicity of this image….peter:)

  2. Focales Says:

    Is it dangerous ? impressive gnome

  3. jpla. Says:

    Passe un bon dimanche

  4. Richard Standley Says:

    An early Spring at yours Michael? Very nicely captured!

  5. Ptck Says:

    Snow is high !! beautiful detail

  6. sherri Says:

    i’ve seen people jumping into snow drifts on tv and said, “they don’t know what’s under that snow”…. spoken like a mother of course. good thing nobody jumped into that snow. wicked looking photo.

  7. Arjan - PlasticDaisy Says:

    Haha good think you explained it in the title otherwise I would have never guessed what this was! 🙂

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