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Goal Posts


10 Responses to “Goal Posts”

  1. duke Says:

    Oh Waouh, it’s my favorite of the day…. Gorgeous !

  2. Focales Says:

    Très jolis reflets d’un paysage qui me fait penser aux Highlands en Ecosse

  3. Pat Says:

    A beautiful landscape asleep, all quiet

  4. ....peter:) Says:

    The goal posts are nice Michael… but the landscape and reflections steal the show….peter:)

  5. Ayush Says:

    soothing shot of this landscape. very nice in b/w

  6. Ginnie Says:

    Out in the middle of nowhere! I sure hope there aren’t a lot of lost balls in the water somewhere, Michael. 🙂

  7. jpla Says:

    C’est excellent

  8. oldshutterhand Says:

    Nice and friendly morning scene.

  9. Richard STANDLEY Says:

    Wonderful perspective shot with these reflections Michael!

  10. Roland Theys Says:

    Perfect bw!

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