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Blue Sky


8 Responses to “Blue Sky”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Stunning POV and composition as a result of that

  2. Ayush Says:

    brilliant! great angle and love the light and colours

  3. ....peter:) Says:

    great image Michael… i like the thorns just as much as the blossoms….peter:)

  4. oldshutterhand Says:

    Trying to reach the sun. Perfect image.

  5. old nut Says:

    A sky as blue is untrue !

  6. Focales Says:

    J’avais montré cette fleur, du moins je crois qu’il s’agit de la même, ici :
    Ton cadrage est superbe.

  7. Richard STANDLEY Says:

    So beautifully captured with this POV Michael!

  8. duke Says:

    Great frame !

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