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Wake Up Jake


8 Responses to “Wake Up Jake”

  1. roléro-t Says:

    I discover many beautiful small house, in a nice set of white, very good about photography!

  2. la griffe du loup Says:

    home as water ,sniff

  3. Chantal Says:

    Wake Up Little Suzie, Wake Up!! Lalalalalalala

  4. Focales Says:

    Beautiful house on the snow

  5. duke Says:

    The kind of picture I wish I could do … (Still no snow at home)

  6. Richard STANDLEY Says:

    I love these timber houses! Superb capture.
    Have a great New Year’s Eve Michael.

  7. Ayush Says:

    great shot and looks very well in b/w

  8. Arjan - PlasticDaisy Says:

    Jake started cleaning up that snow but after clearing the stairs he thought: aww the hell with it I’m going inside to get a beer!

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