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Don’t Want Stinky Smoke Around The Manure Pile


5 Responses to “Don’t Want Stinky Smoke Around The Manure Pile”

  1. roléro-t Says:

    See red, smoking kills, nice composition, good for you to friends!

  2. Ginnie Says:

    HAHAHA. That would be powerful stuff, Michael. Good thing there’s a sign. 😀

  3. faisal Says:

    Well, thats a shitty deal for smokers. 😉

  4. CrashRyan Says:

    well that’s a crappy rule ….

  5. Arjan - PlasticDaisy Says:

    What kind of manure is that??! And it makes you wonder what the ‘structures’ are that are placed in the same area as those highly flammable manure piles… Where did you go Michael?? 🙂

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