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Moffatt Creek


11 Responses to “Moffatt Creek”

  1. Ginnie Says:

    It looks like the flowing silk hair of a shampoo commercial, Michael!

  2. noel Says:

    interesting shot leaving imagination to work

  3. roléro-t Says:

    Excellent and interesting shot Michael.

  4. sherri Says:

    i “flipped” this one last night. just beautiful.

  5. Michael Says:

    Thank you!

  6. ....peter:) Says:

    a slow shutter speed… it looks like angels hail Michael… Merry Christmas to you and yours….peter:)

  7. Focales Says:

    Superb long exposure. I love moving of the water

  8. Chantal Says:

    cool abstract in B&W

  9. Richard STANDLEY Says:

    Superb motion effect here Michael!
    Enjoy Christmas Eve with yours.

  10. duke Says:

    I love it, rendering is superb !

  11. omar Says:

    very artistic!

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