Happy Whatever To Me

It isn’t really my birthday but it is. One year ago I received a Stem Cell Transplant which stopped me from dying 🙂
When you get that it comes with a new birthday. I have a new load of DNA in my body from my brother so now I have a new birthday to go with it.

The view is from my room at Vancouver General Hospital. The book, Treasure Island,got me hooked on reading when I was a kid and the habit has never stopped. I told a friend that I should re-read Treasure Island before I die and she gave me a beautiful copy which I read in the hospital.

There was a 40% chance of getting through the transplant alive and well. That leaves 60% that the outcome would be less than favourable.There were some very rough patches and there is always the possibility that there will be more but I am feeling pretty damned good. Day by day.

So Happy Birthday to me.