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Argus C3

7 Responses to “Argus C3”

  1. Elaine K Says:

    oh my! it’s beautiful!

  2. By Marie Says:

    Once uppon a time…. a collector

  3. Astrid Says:

    This brings a smile to my face, Michael. I think a lot of us started out like this.
    And then Michael, I scrolled down and read your story about the Stem Cell Transplant.
    I think that every day is a day to celebrate and I want to wish you a happy birthday and I sincerely hope that there will be many more.

  4. Rose Says:

    Those were the days….

  5. Claudine/canelle Says:

    Un beau souvenir …..

  6. Remus Says:

    Beautiful camera.
    You have to start using it …

  7. jpla Says:

    je n’ai jamais vu un tel appareil

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