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7 Responses to “Excavation”

  1. L'Arbre de vie Says:

    The guardrail will prevent someone from falling into the hole

  2. Rose Swalls Says:

    Wondering what is going to happen here…a new home, a new business?

  3. Claudine/canelle Says:

    Très originale prise de vue

  4. Ginnie Hart Says:

    It’s going on where we live, too, Michael!

  5. Astrid Says:

    I am familiar with those gates, love the point of focus. BIG constructions going on right now here too… it will take at least 16 months of head-ache…
    I like the yellow in the fence, ours are just plain grey.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. jpla Says:

    J’aime la couleur de la grille

  7. Remus Says:

    The background and foreground separation is perfect.

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