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There Is Nothing Better Than A Good Snuggle

9 Responses to “There Is Nothing Better Than A Good Snuggle”

  1. jpla Says:

    Joli rapproché

  2. Rose Says:

    This is soooo beautiful.

  3. By Marie Says:

    Magnificent purple bouquet.

  4. Ginnie Hart Says:

    And the two share become one.

  5. Elaine K Says:

    awwww, the snuggle is real 🙂 happy flowers!

  6. Astrid Says:

    These are two beautiful flowers, Michael and yes there is nothing better than a good snuggle. Are these “onion flowers”?

  7. Ayush Says:

    i have to agree with your sentiment, Michael

  8. Michael Says:

    Yes, they are. Allium.

  9. Remus Says:

    Great close-up.
    A beautiful image with great focus and depth.

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