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Bursting Out

7 Responses to “Bursting Out”

  1. By Marie Says:

    Lovely heart on the superb light

  2. Rose Says:

    It is beautiful, but it looks like some of the wild roses that will grow and take over everything if you let it go!

  3. Michael Says:

    It is not a wild rose but it is vigorous.

  4. Claudine /canelle Says:

    Magnifique parure pour cette petite rose

  5. jpla Says:

    Joli cœur

  6. Rose Says:

    Thanks for answering about it not being a wild rose…I really did not know. We had them at the orchard I used to work at and I have had to clean out a bunch of them…in a couple spots.

  7. Remus Says:

    Beautiful composition.
    Excellent and impressive close-up!

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