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Tubes of Paint (From Years Gone By)

15 Responses to “Tubes of Paint (From Years Gone By)”

  1. By Marie Says:

    Placing a silver bracelet on traces and tubes of paint makes a rather original photo

  2. jpla Says:

    Belle prise

  3. Rose Swalls Says:

    It does make a great photo, but this and the previous photo makes me wonder who is the artist…and can you show us us some of the art from these tubes????

  4. Astrid Says:

    I love the point of focus here, Michael.
    Are you the artist here?

  5. Ginnie Hart Says:

    Now put to good use by you with your camera finessing, Michael. 🙂

  6. lisl Says:

    This makes such an unusual photo, Michael – it intrigues me

  7. Elaine K Says:

    oh wow, are you a painter too? you are multi talented!! great shot!

  8. Ayush Basu Says:

    very well constructed, Michael

  9. Remus Says:

    Without the title, I would never find out it’s tubes of paint.
    Great framing and composition!
    I wish you all the best in 2020.

  10. jpla Says:

    meilleurs vœux pour 2020

  11. Bill Says:

    This is a fine picture Michael. Happy New year to you

  12. Emily Says:

    Happy new year, Michael. Its been so long since I was on the blogging world….hope all is well…and glad to see you’re still keeping up the photography!

  13. sherri Says:

    an exceptional macro and so different. the inclusion of the bracelet on the paints is genius.

  14. ....peter:) Says:

    the contrast between the old tubes of paint and the ornamental bracelet is superb Michael…
    how are you feeling Bud….peter:)

  15. joelle Says:

    Très jolie proposition compliments !

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