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In The Garden Waiting For Spring

10 Responses to “In The Garden Waiting For Spring”

  1. Rose Swalls Says:

    Waiting…just think the days will every so very slowly begin to get longer now.

  2. Astrid Says:

    Great point and focus here, Michael. I hope that it is brought inside and can wait for Spring.

  3. Ginnie Hart Says:

    HAHA! In the meantime, it’ll be a good way to measure your snowfall, Michael.

  4. lisl Says:

    I have a feeling a lot more of that could disappear, Michael

  5. By Marie Says:

    It will be some time before spring arrives. This shovel will have time to cool off…

  6. Bill Says:

    Not much scope for gardening ! here it is just very wet!

  7. Elaine K Says:

    nice pic, but what is it? lol Merry Christmas!!

  8. jpla Says:

    Encore un gros trimestre à attendrela fonte des neiges

  9. ....peter:) Says:

    you could still use the shovel to move some snow Michael….
    Happy Christmas to you and yours…
    Penny and ….peter:)

  10. Remus Says:

    Great framing and composition!

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