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Coffee Shop

9 Responses to “Coffee Shop”

  1. jpla Says:

    Il parait bien seul

  2. By Marie Says:

    Really surprising this reflection. Where is this boy?

  3. ....peter:) Says:

    a drink is a good thing Michael… but i love this photo even mote….peter:)

  4. Rose Swalls Says:

    Almost like the guy sitting there is caught in between the real world and the dream stage.

  5. Ginnie Hart Says:

    An image to reflect over, Michael. HA!

  6. Ayush Says:

    nicely composed, Michael.

  7. Astrid Says:

    I love the reflections and the message on the wall. I assume you took this “from the hip”….

  8. Elaine K Says:

    this is a very interesting picture! and i LOVE the compostion and minimalism!

  9. Remus Says:

    Superb composition.
    Beautiful reflections captured on the table!

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