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Vegan Wings?

10 Responses to “Vegan Wings?”

  1. jpla Says:

    des endroits qui vont se multiplier

  2. By Marie Says:

    I’m not vegan, so I won’t taste it.

  3. sherri Says:

    i don’t understand how this can exist

  4. Rose Swalls Says:

    I am not vegan, but I would taste just to see.

  5. Ginnie Hart Says:

    Kinda like vegan hamburgers, Michael? I declare.

  6. Astrid Says:

    After you eat this you get wings, Michael. I know of people that eat “mushrooms in Amsterdam” think they can fly and jump from the window on the second floor…
    I don’t think I am in for this kind of “artificial food”….

  7. Elaine K Says:

    heaven only knows what vegan chicken wings are made of!!!
    however the lable makes for a fun picture!

  8. Remus Says:

    We must be open minded and experience everything. Only then can we say we don’t like it.

  9. lisl Says:

    Like you, I notice Vegan food is much more readily available now

  10. Bill Says:

    Very much a sign of the times if you will pardon the pun

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