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New Home Construction

9 Responses to “New Home Construction”

  1. Astrid Says:

    Fabulous, Michael. Just fabulous. This says it all.

  2. By Marie Says:

    I think I would have preferred to see the new home construction clean, I’m not a fan of background blur, except for macros

  3. jpla Says:

    Excellente mise au point

  4. Bill Says:

    Outside looking in to the unattainable perhaps

  5. lisl Says:

    You are always good at focusing sharply on narrow bars, wire etc, Michael

  6. sherri Says:

    a lovely result

  7. Ayush Says:

    excellent dof play, Michael.

  8. Elaine K Says:

    i love the way you focus like that! it’s almost a signature move of yours!

  9. Remus Says:

    The graphic effect is excellent.
    Great idea and composition.

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