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On The Sidewalk Downtown

Someone walked right out of their slippers.

8 Responses to “On The Sidewalk Downtown”

  1. Roland Theys Says:

    Hello, nice photo!

  2. By Marie - Montagnes Says:

    They seem to have been placed in the wrong direction but I like the idea and the picture is excellent

  3. sherri Says:

    quite an unexpected turn of events

  4. Ayush Says:

    i imagine the orientation of the left and right is wrong, Michael? but a nice composition

  5. Ginnie Hart Says:

    As others have mentioned, the orientation of the feet is wrong…but perhaps suggests why they were left behind?

  6. lisl Says:

    There must be quite a story behind these, Michael

  7. Ginnie Hart Says:

    As an FYI, our administrator got back to me to explain that some cases (like yours) need to take out the www in my URL address. So when the error page turns up for me, in the body of the error you can copy the address and paste it over the URL address and then delete the www in front of it. It then should give you my page to click on. I have now tried it on yours and another’s having the same issue and it works. Sorry you have to go through the hoops and yo-yos, however. 🙁

  8. Elaine K Says:

    oh gosh!! did the rapture happen?? 🙂 funny shot

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