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Music In Our Back Garden

8 Responses to “Music In Our Back Garden”

  1. Anne Says:

    Must be great! Such a beautiful and difficult instrument!

  2. Ayush Basu Says:

    sounds very soothing, Michael.

  3. By Marie Says:

    The harp is a magnificent instrument which I appreciate a lot

  4. Maria-Lina Says:

    Wow, superbe, c’est merveilleux!!! Bise, bon dimanche tout doux!

  5. Ginnie Says:

    What a gift, Michael!

  6. lisl Says:

    Were you having an afternoon of music? How lovely to have music in the garden

  7. Elaine K Says:

    wow!!! i loooove the harp!! i have only been close to a harp player less than a handful of times, you are sooo blessed!!

  8. sherri Says:

    such an elegant feel to this fine portrait

    love, love

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