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8 Responses to “Firewalker”

  1. Joëlle Says:

    Bzz bzz tout simplement beau et quelle lumière !

  2. Elaine- Says:

    that’s cool… it really does look like fire!! just beautiful, Michael!

  3. By Marie Says:

    What a magnificent flame!

  4. Maria-Lina Says:

    Que c’est beau, superbe!!! Bise, bon vendredi dans la joie!

  5. Will Williams Says:

    ahhh, a lovely spring image. I’m so glad the season has arrived 🙂

  6. sherri Says:

    the backlighting in this is fantastic

  7. Ayush Basu Says:

    magnificent close up, Michael.

  8. Gil Zetbase Says:

    Tres joli!
    Bon week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

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