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7 Responses to “Poster”

  1. By Marie Says:

    The poster is less important than this railing which blocks him the road. Very beautiful depiction of the metal and the light

  2. Ayush Says:

    a form of metal work which is seen almost all over the world, cheap, functional and versatile.

  3. Maria-Lina Says:

    Un très beau grillage! Bise, bon mardi tout en douceur!

  4. ....peter:) Says:

    i like your focus on the grid Michael and the depth of field… you do fences better than anyone i know….peter:)

  5. Ginnie Says:

    You are the master at focusing on what you want us to really see, Michael. 🙂

  6. lisl Says:

    I never think to take fences – I always try to poke my camera through them!

  7. Elaine- Says:

    i always used to cut my little fingers on that kind of cage material when i was a wee girl… nice focus on the poster!

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