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A Special Cake

9 Responses to “A Special Cake”

  1. Maria-Lina Says:

    Wow tout beau, qu’il a l’air bon, un délice… Bise, bon mardi dans la joie!

  2. ....peter:) Says:

    i want some Michael… a mouth watering image…..peter:)

  3. Ayushman Basu Says:

    a delicious image and much to see here, Michael, including the plate and the table cloth.

  4. lisl Says:

    That does look really special – I could eat a slice even at his time in the morning!

  5. Ginnie Says:

    For a special occasion, Michael??? If so, congratulations. I actually also like the plate it’s on!

  6. Martine Says:

    Hum, il doit être bon !

  7. Elaine- Says:

    that looks absolutely HEAVENLY, i think my mouth is watering! seriously, i have never understood the phrase ‘my mouth is watering’ until right now haha

  8. jean pierre a Says:

    superbe gateau! amitiés

  9. sherri Says:

    that looks flat yummy

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