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Waterless Water Tower

My beautiful picture
A fake water tower built for the movie “The Grey Fox” at Kelly Lake (west of Clinton). I don’t think it actually made it into the movie. (1982)

9 Responses to “Waterless Water Tower”

  1. jpla. Says:

    Un beau N&B

  2. jean pierre a Says:

    joli noir et blanc! amitiƩs

  3. Maria-Lina Says:

    Impressionnant! Bise et bon mercredi tout en douceur!

  4. oldshutterhand Says:

    Interesting construction and story.

  5. Elaine- Says:

    what a waste! they shoot a lot of movies out here, and it’s all such a waste in the end it seems… nice shot of it tho!

  6. Richard Standley Says:

    Would this be an electricity supply tower Michael? Great capture!

  7. lisl Says:

    This is an intriguing picture, Michael

  8. Roland Theys Says:

    Interesting photo! good capture Michael!

  9. ....peter:) Says:

    but it sure make for a great b&w photo Michael….peter:)

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